Xobin helps organizations accelerate their Remote Recruitment using Pre-Built Online Skills Test and Video Interviews.
The suite of products helps organizations screen, shortlist and interview applicants with ease.


10% on the Discovery Plan and 15% on the Essential Plan

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MOVE FROM PAPER PEN TESTS to ONLINE ASSESSMENTS Online Assessment help you reduce your hiring time from 30 days to 5 days. With Xobin's unlimited assessment Invitations, you can broaden the top of your recruitment funnel to increase the quality of talent you shortlist. -Pre-Employment Skills Assessment -Coding Skills Assessment -Pre-Built Psychometric Tests -Grey AI - Customized Psychometric Tests ENGAGE WITH CANDIDATES LIKE NEVER BEFORE with VIDEO INTERVIEWS Video Interviews ideally happen once you shortlist the candidate from the online assessments. Video Interviews help you cut down a lot of costs from your recruitment without compromising the quality of pre-hire engagement. -Code Pairing and Live interviews -Recorded Video Interview

Guruprakash Sivabalan

Guruprakash Sivabalan

CEO at Xobin

Guruprakash Sivabalan (Aka- Guru) is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Xobin. Being an avid learner of technology and human psychology, Guru likes to build and sell softwares that amplifies the potential of people and make them more efficient.

After spending several years interacting with CXOs of Tech businesses. Guru realised a gap when it comes to recruiting people efficiently. This inspired him to start Xobin - A Pre-Employment Assessment Platform.

Before starting Xobin, Guru founded SRM Search Engine(SRMSE) and led a team of 71 young engineers. SRMSE was funded and acknowledged by NIXI (DEITY), Govt.Of India.

Find Guru's profile on Medium, https://medium.com/@_Guruprakash