Vantage gives engineering leaders the tools they need to analyze, report on and reduce AWS costs.


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Vantage is a cloud cost transparency platform. Vantage helps engineering teams easily understand their cloud infrastructure bill so that they can make the best decisions for their business. Onboarding onto the Vantage platform takes 5 minutes which means engineering teams can start seeing value quickly. Vantage provides users a set of tools to better track and manage their AWS spend. Vantage also offers a structured cloud cost and pricing API to integrate cost data into existing analysis tools.

Vantage is a service that helps businesses analyze and reduce their AWS costs. Vantage's mission is to build a suite of tools that make it easy for engineering, leadership, and finance to analyze, collaborate on and optimize their cloud infrastructure costs.

Ben Schaechter

Ben Schaechter

Co-Founder & CEO of Vantage

Ben is currently Co-Founder and CEO of Vantage: a cloud cost transparency platform. Previously he worked as a technical product manager at both Amazon Web Services and DigitalOcean.

Ben previously founded GoPollGo, leading the company from inception to acquisition within two years.

Before GoPollGo, Ben was a developer at TechCrunch focused onCrunchBase.com (this website), an engineering intern at Lockheed Martin building analysis testbeds for pseudo-starcrafts, and a development intern at Caring.com, one of the web's leading resources for eldercare.
Ben attended Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. There he was the President of Creighton's Entrepreneurial Organization and received a degree in Management Information Systems. Ben now resides in New York, NY. (Source: Crunchbase)