Userflow is the most powerful and user friendly no-code user onboarding builder - We let your whole team build customized in-app tours, checklists, resource center widgets and surveys.


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Userflow is a user onboarding software for building product tours and onboarding checklists, tailored to your app and your users. No coding needed.  Userflow has the fastest flow builder on the market, allowing you to build highly-sophisticated flows and checklists.

Userflow was founded in 2018 and is based in San Francisco, CA. The mission of Userflow is to help SaaS companies convert, retain and grow their customer base through automated onboarding and guidance.

Sebastian Seilund

Sebastian Seilund

CEO & Co-Founder

Sebastian Seilund is the founder of Userflow - a powerful, modern solution to no-code user onboarding software. Sebastian previously worked as a software engineer at Google and founded the Danish accounting software Billy. (Source: Crunchbase)

Esben Friis-Jensen

Esben Friis-Jensen

Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer

Esben Friis-Jensen is the co-founder of Userflow, a no-code platform for building onboarding guides and product tours.

Before working on Userflow, Esben co-founded Cobalt.io, an application security platform.

In 2013, Esben and three of his friends decided that they were going to build a marketplace for bug bounty programs. (Source: SaaSclub)