The process for evaluating a company's security posture is outdated and messy, often living in many places with various owners Trustpage lets your entire team collaborate and communicate trust to customers with ease.


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We’re building Trustpage to take DIY security pages and trust centers to the next level so that we can all do better together. With a Trustpage Trust Center, you will: 🏎️Launch a world-class Trust Center in record speed. ⏳ Save you and your customers time answering questions. 📈 Collaborate with Sales to eliminate tedious back and forth review processes 🔒 Build a stronger security program and culture.

Trustpage helps companies turn security into a competitive advantage by giving their prospects and customers a dynamic trust center where they can get answers to their questions, securely request and share docs, and collaborate on full AI-assisted security reviews. With Trustpage, companies earn their customers' confidence earlier, close deals faster, and give back their team's time.

Chase Lee

Chase Lee

CEO and Founder at Trustpage

Chase is CEO at Trustpage, he is a serial entrepreneur and advisor to tech startups. Chase is also a product leader and engineer in AI and security.

Chase founded Trustpage in March 2020. Prior to Trustpage, Chase was co-founder and CTO at Ambassador and Fetchnotes, acquired by Intrado and Drift respecitively. At Trustpage, Chase's primary focus is creating value for customers by building a world-class team and product. He also enjoys working closely with our data and AI teams and spends most of his free time with his dogs and family. (Source: theorg.com)