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A pre-hire testing company with a passion for coaching business leaders on hiring the best talent.


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A pre-employment testing company that focuses on behavioral and competency assessments that measure a potential hire's likelihood of success on the job. Using its 30+ years of experience we developed 7 optimized stages for hiring top performers: - Setting Expectations The first step to successful hiring is identifying exactly what drives success for the role, what responsibilities will be given, salary, writing out job descriptions, job ads, and all the other nitty gritty details. - Recruitment Collect applicants and organize your entire hiring process in the Applicant Tracking System, Rapid Recruit. - Assessment The Hire Talent's Pre Employment Testing will provide you with accurate Data driven insights to assess candidates. - Interviewing Its Candidate Scorecard allows any hiring manager to interview like they’ve been doing it for 20+ years. - Reference Checking The Hire Talent's new software, Reference Hunter, completely automates reference checking. - On Boarding Having all the proper administrative steps sorted out, knowing exactly what they will do on their first day, and having goals for them to hit by certain dates. - Performance Management Once a new hire is integrated into your business, it's time to showcase your next level management skills. This means doing performance evaluations yearly, making sure employees do meaningful work, and ensuring they genuinely like their workplace.

Fletcher Wimbush

Fletcher Wimbush

CEO at The Hire Talent

As the CEO of The Hire Talent, a talent assessment software company and Wimbush & Associates, Inc., a talent search firm, Fletcher Wimbush has interviewed over 8,000 job applicants. In addition to talent assessment and executive search work, Fletcher co-authored a book with his late father, “Hiring Talent Team Players: a guide to getting it right” and created the “Power Interview Guide”. Fletcher has spoken and presented at several business events, conferences, and online platforms, including Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), local small business groups, Chambers of Commerce, Bright Talk, SHRM Conferences, and CollegeRecruiter.com. (Source: Medium.com)