Get instant reviews and refactorings for all of your Python code - straight in your IDE, on any GitHub PR, or through your CI. It's like having a pair programmer on demand.


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Sourcery reviews your code in real time and gives you suggestions to refactor it so all of your code is more readable and easier to work with. Top Python teams from around the world are using Sourcery to speed up their development process and to make sure they're always able to work with beautiful code. We integrate directly into your IDE, into your GitHub repos, or into your CI / pre-commit hooks.

'The tool seems very promising'

Sergio Pereira Bernardes, Python Engineer at Upstack.co

The tool seems very promising. The suggestions I was able to see were very rich since they could show the differences in code with and without the suggestions. The only downside is that the code suggestions seem to be syntax related and not so much semantics related. I see this as a downside because it's easy to achieve similar syntax suggestions with plugins, for example one that verifies the code against PEP-8. Overall the experience is good, especially how it presents the suggestion, giving a feeling of doing peer programming. I only tested the free version which states that the checks are basic. I'd definitely like to try the Pro version, and I'll certainly consider subscribing to it, since the pricing is quite accessible.

Brendan Maginnis

Brendan Maginnis

CEO and Co-Founder at Sourcery

Brendan is a world class software developer obsessed with writing high quality code, enabling the whole world to write better code faster. Brendan has written a version of AlphaGo that learnt to play Connect4 from scratch by playing against itself.