Mindmesh is the knowledge hub that unites your team making sense of the mess of docs, wikis, meeting notes, conversations…


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With Mindmesh : A knowledge graph is built out of the box on top of your company tools such as Confluence, Drive, Notion, Slack, Jira... Document your work on the fly and keep it in context of any other document, colleague or conversation via the knowledge graph Backup what would otherwise be lost in Slack's endless stream of noise Search for the knowledge scattered across all your tools: Confluence, Drive, Notion, Slack, Jira and more. Understand what your colleagues know, what they're working on, and who can help you out.

Founded in 2021, Mindmesh is the knowledge base that scales with your team. 

For meetings, docs, wikis, conversations - Mindmesh is the knowledge base that works with your existing tools: write bite-size documentation on the fly, backup what would otherwise be lost in Slack, and search for the knowledge scattered across Drive, Notion, Intercom, Zendesk and many more.

Ulysse Mizrahi

Ulysse Mizrahi

Co-Founder & CTO at Mindmesh

Ulysse is Co-Founder at CTO at Mindmesh (formerly Spot). Ulysse was also Senior Engineer & Product at Upflow (YC S2020), previously a CTO at Fitle, and R&D Engineer at Dataiku. Ulysse completed his Masters in Mathematics & Theoretical Physics from University of Cambridge & Ecole polytechnique.

Raffaele Colella

Raffaele Colella

Co-Founder & CEO at Mindmesh (formerly Spot)

Raffaele Colella has 2 current jobs as Founder in Residence at Entrepreneur First and CEO and Co-founder at Mindmesh. Additionally, Raffaele Colella has had 2 past jobs including Founder at Cannonball Corporation. (Source: Crunchbase)