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All-In-One Employee Engagement Platform to Enhance Engagement, Bring in "Thank You"
Culture and Boost Company Outcomes.


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Lucky Carrot is an All-in-One Employee Engagement platform which brings employees together, gives them an opportunity to recognize one another’s hard work and achievements, say thank you and feel appreciated. How it works 

  • Each month employees get a fixed amount of carrots by the company. 

  • They send their carrots to one another mentioning a reason and choosing a company core value. 

  • They redeem their collected carrots into fun activities, branded gift cards and donations. One more thing!

Lucky Carrot is also a tool for companies to get full insights into employee engagement and interactions. And that’s a WIN-WIN culture! Our team believes that a high level of employee engagement makes a difference and is a key to company success.

Mariam Gyulumyan

Mariam Gyulumyan

Co-founder and CEO at Lucky Carrot

At Lucky Carrot our main goal is to help companies to automate the full cycle of #EmployeeEngagement to hit strategic and tactical HR and Business goals to have the ROI you are looking for.

Over the last few years Lucky Carrot has helped employees feel appreciated for daily great job and achievements with timely recognition and short-term rewards and has made sure their voices are heard.

By working with HR and the Management teams we’ve helped them to measure and boost employee engagement, identify team interaction and relationship effectiveness in real-time, find employees with exceptional skills, measure company culture alignment and instill corporate values.

The secret sauce behind our success is our dedicated team with its flexibility and human approach to each and every company as employee engagement cannot be the same for each company - individual approach is needed aside having the software in place.

Here are the modules with which Lucky Carrot covers Employee Engagement full cycle:

1. #PeertoPeer and top-down #EmployeeRecognition
2. Real-time #PeopleAnalytics for effective and proactive decision-making
3. #CompanyCulture alignment
4. Employee communication and relationship visualization
5. Employee Engagement correlation with #EmployeePerformance
6. and much more...

Our team is always looking to help companies that truly care about #EmployeeExperience and #EmployeeWellbeing for the win-win situation of both sides!