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When you’re sifting through countless resumes from potential candidates, suddenly the frustration of ABC’s The Bachelor feels very real. (“Screw it, everyone gets a rose! Wait...”)

Handsorting hires and interviewing every single applicant across weeks of company time is a logistical nightmare.

Want a method that’s simpler, faster, and more confidential than outsourcing a hiring firm? 

Meet the newest member of your recruiting team, Interviewer.AI.

Why choose us?

1. Filter out irrelevant resumes automatically before you start reviewing applicants;

2. Alternative to: HireVue, RecRight, and VidCruiter;

3. Pre-interview candidates using recorded video responses and measure skills using artificial intelligence;

4. Best for: Recruitment teams and hiring managers looking to review only relevant high- quality candidates.

Interviewer.AI is an AI-powered video recruiting software which helps you prescreen candidates before scheduling them for face-to-face interviews. Interviewer.AI empowers you to prescreen candidates at the top of the funnel by grading uploaded resumes, small skill assessment tests, and recorded short video interviews.

The software scores resumes on overall interpretation, experience, education, and skills, which is then added to the comprehensive candidate profile for your further review.The dashboard overview conveniently displays the number of applicants, percentage of applicants worth hiring, and all recent responses to your opening.

With Interviewer.AI, you can screen hundreds of candidates with less bias and increased inclusivity—all in the time it takes to make yourself a cup of coffee!

Choosing the perfect job candidate can feel like ordering a dish off a fancy menu without pictures. (Denny’s really did have it right to begin with.)

Interviewer.AI automates your hiring process by pinpointing the relevant information you need to bring the best onto your team.

Make sure your next coworker is the ideal fit for your open positions—without overextending yourself.

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Interviewer.AI is a Singapore-based, VC-backed audiovisual assessment platform. They help companies use scientifically-proven, structured interview techniques to shortlist candidates by automating their first round of interviews. Using a short video interview, they add soft skills that are so obvious in an interview but hard to express in a CV.

Unstructured questioning techniques during screening rounds fail to accurately assess soft skills or understand candidate weaknesses, relying more on intuition and interviewer's gut instincts. Interviewer.AI solves it by smartly structured questionnaires designed by experts to accurately assess culture & value fit, job fit. It not only aims to remove conscious and unconscious bias, racial, age-related, or gender discrimination; it also helps save a ton of time, so that Hiring Managers can focus their energies on quality candidates and hire the best talent. 

Sunny Saurabh

Sunny Saurabh

CEO & Co-Founder at Interviewer.ai

At Interviewer.AI, we are focused on building the penultimate step to hire great talent. We want to combine the application process with the first interview round, in a way that helps Hiring Managers and recruiters spot top quality talent, from 100s of applications, in seconds.
He has 15+ yrs of experience in the internet industry working with Google, MySpace, and LinkedIn in Asia.