Hotglue is the most extensible way to build native SaaS integrations that scale, without sacrificing extensibility.


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Hotglue is a dev tool that makes building SaaS integrations simple, without sacrificing the extensibility developers need to make integrations that add real value for their users. Today, the problem is that many SaaS sources have non-standardized APIs and poor documentation, it is difficult to reliably orchestrate data syncs at scale, and it can be a pain to securely collect tokens from users for authentication. hotglue handles all of that and more, and allows you to continue to focus on building the core value of your product. If you have any questions about how hotglue works, feel free to email hello@hotglue.io and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Hassan Syyid

Hassan Syyid

CEO and Co-Founder at hotglue

Hassan Syyid is the CEO and founded the startup with his friend David whilst studying at the University of Maryland. Both dropped out to pursue the venture full-time.

David Molot

David Molot

CRO and Co-Founder at hotglue

David Molot is the co-founder of hotglue and studied at the University of Maryland, where he connected with his friend, now CEO, Hassan Syyid to build hotglue from the ground up.