Bildr is all-in-one platform for building and launching beautiful and complete SaaS products, web apps and more.


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Bildr empowers you to visually build web apps, launch SaaS products and create useful and beautiful software in the world, with or without code. The full stack is handled so you can focus on building with all the powers of a seasoned developer at hand. Bildr can be extended in any direction with custom JavaScript and APIs to anything. It includes several features like built-in data, user authentication, and unlimited design freedom that will help you get to Production faster. Special features like Live Preview give you the ability to preview a real executing version of your project so you can stay in the flow while debugging. With three months free on the Pro plan, you can explore the new Chrome Extension builder and export the HTML & CSS of anything you create.

'I love working with Bildr'

Evelina Achitei, Marketing Coordinator at Upstack

Mark Magnuson

Mark Magnuson

CEO at Bildr

Following David is Mark Magnuson. Mark is the founder of Bildr, a tool allowing people to build web apps and websites with real-time collaboration. Bildr is gradually growing and opening opportunities for designers and developers to build web apps/websites for their customers.

Mark, like his product, has been slowly taking over the community. If you want to learn more about the updates, case studies on Bildr, web app building, and entrepreneurship, follow Bildr on Twitter and LinkedIn. (Source: Softr)