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Aircall is full-fledged, all-in-one, inbound and outbound CTI solution for SMB and Mid-Market businesses using a Helpdesk or CRM. Aircall works with Sales and Service teams with 3 to 300 users and is re-inventing the phone with a beautiful UX, simple setup (no setup or onboarding fee), and 80+ deep integrations.

Olivier Pailhes

Olivier Pailhes

Co-Founder & CEO at Aircall

Olivier began his career at The Boston Consulting Group and ArcelorMittal. While working in large enterprises, he saw the opportunity to improve the way businesses connect with customers on the phone. That led him to jump into the start-up world to create Aircall. Olivier holds an MBA from HEC School of Management in Paris. (Source: Thrive Global)