8 Best Software Tools For Client Onboarding

Updated: Aug 25

Client onboarding is the process of familiarising new customers with your products and services to the point where they become your ambassadorvocating the use of your SaaS within their operations, telling others about the success they've had and the difference it's made to the business.

Client onboarding is concerned with software products, includes some steps, like initial product experience, training, goal setting, and customer success. You can guide your customers through the process of becoming power users, increasing product adoption, and providing a great experience.

Onboarding tools assist new users and customers in quickly interacting with product features, developing habits of regular use, and assisting new customers in achieving their goals. Increasing customer retention by as little as 5% can increase your bottom line by 25% to 75%, so having efficient onboarding tools can make or break your business.

How do you select the right onboarding tools?

Customer onboarding isn't about bombarding adverts and signup forms to clients in the hopes that they'll understand the value of your product or service. Here are some questions you should be asking when choosing the right onboarding tools.

  • "What do clients think of your onboarding?" – This could be a result of client feedback. These are your resources and areas where you don't need a tool right now.

  • "Where are they having problems?" – This information is provided by client comments on various pages. These are the locations where a tool should be used.

  • "How do your clients prefer to learn?" – Do you use email for client onboarding skill learning? What about a few video clips? Consider whether you want to test new tools, resources, or add new functionalities to an existing tool.

With answering these questions your user onboarding should only be concerned with teaching new customers how to use your product.

Best Software Tools For Client Onboarding

Client onboarding software helps you in making a positive first impression for your customers. It introduces them to your product’s features, teaches them how to use it, and uses product usage statistics to improve customer experiences. Upstack for example, uses an array of software tools when hiring react.js developers and other developers alike. Here are some of the software options for client onboarding listed below.

  1. UserGuiding

  2. Walkme

  3. Intercom

  4. Appcues

  5. Whatfix

  6. Qualaroo

  7. Nickelled

  8. Rocketlane


UserGuiding helps you onboard your users with product guidelines that don't require any coding, so you can provide them with the best in-app experience possible. Even if your users read the features page and decide to sign up for your service, they may neglect a few areas where your company can provide them with more value.

Every software requires user onboarding. Deciding where to begin can be difficult. UserGuiding built the Customers page, where you can see how real users are dealing with their user onboarding issues.

  • Price: $99/month for new users, $399/month for growing companies, and $699+/month for the enterprises.


Walkme lets you maximize the effect of your digital strategy. With an user onboarding platform like Walkme, you can maximize user adaptation of your digital content by identifying gaps and issue areas. Without requiring changes to your underlying program, the low-code platform motivates users to succeed.

Hitachi gained 88% in sales productivity by using Walkme digital sales tools. Christus Health employs the Walkme platform to help health care workers, resulting in a $1 million monthly boost in payment outcomes. IBM achieves an 80% revenue increase in digital products and a 300% increase in product usage, consumption, and user retention.

  • Price: Available on request.


Intercom is a powerful onboarding tool with a well-known chat function that lets you send messages and chat requests to all consumers or specified market groups. Intercom solutions allow you to employ dozens of integrations to help you attract and keep more clients.

Intercom tools can speed up the onboarding process and explore your favorite integrations for additional features such as video, voting, analysis, and support.

Qonto obtains a CSAT of 95% while rapidly expanding its customer base. Qonto relied on Intercom to boost their customer communication. The team is committed to offering a faultless experience for the Qonto product's of over 200,000 users.

  • Price: $38/month for the Essential plan, $75 for Pro, and custom pricing for Premium and recommended add-ons.


Appcues is a customer guidance platform, you can integrate and acquire new users, promote product adoption, collect user feedback and data, carry out customized in-product marketing activities, and provide self-service support with it.

You can hold regular customer success webinars, one-on-one meetings, or hold on-demand webinars, to interact with users in real-time and help solve their problems. ProfitWell increased first-week retention by over 20% in just two months after implementing Appcues.

  • Price: $249/month for the Essential plan, $879/month for the Growth Plan, and price on request for the Enterprise plan.


Whatfix is a client onboarding platform that lets you fully utilize the capabilities of your web-based application. To make your digital adoption journey a success, empower your workers to get the most out of your software investments. You can use Whatfix analytics to see which are the most popular flows and need to be improved or changed.

Whatfix, a SaaS solution, helps your users with in-app contexts and makes employee training more successful. Whatfix's features include a customized user onboarding experience, omnichannel presence, on-the-job training, and useful widgets.

Riversand collaborated with Whatfix to improve the usability of their platform. The message was sent to 3,000 people, with an 82% click-through rate, and the Riversand team had a 200% boost in webinar participation.

  • Price: Available on request-start a free trial now.


With Qualaroo, a research and feedback tool, you can group consumers by attributes, accurately plan when you are facing issues, and receive the most accurate input at each stage of the onboarding process. Analysis tools can tell you how long your customers have been leading, what actions they've taken on a specific message, and what they've done afterward, but they can't tell you how they feel.

Qualaroo is 10x more beneficial than email surveys because it asks the correct question at the right time, in a delightful and respectful manner, and its AI-powered analytics and reports only need to be installed once. Qualaroo's satisfied customers include eBay, Shopify, Glassdoor, Udemy, and LinkedIn.

  • Price: $80/month for the Essential plan, $160/month for Premium plan, and price on request for enterprises.


With platforms like Nickelled, you can learn how clients utilize the product and where they need help. Nickelled gives your users a demo of how your program/product works.

Nickelled makes it simple to create guided tours, tooltips, banners, and more. You can launch clear, interactive click-through lessons when visitors log in for the first time. The setup is simple and does not need the help of developers.

According to Gumtree, which used Nickelled's client onboarding software and got an 88% customer satisfaction score, customers who used guides rated their support experience around 10% higher than customers who used other help channels.

  • Price: $99/month for new users, $199/month for growing companies, and $399/month for the Premium users.


Rocketlane is a solution for collaborating with users during the onboarding process. It offers a wonderful and engaging experience for your customers. Rocketlane helps your business accelerate time to value and keep delivering a transparent, consistent, and joyful customer onboarding experience, allowing you to offer value faster and thereby boosting retention and reducing churn.

Rocketlane is a product of the 404 Partners network, minimizes time-to-value, and improves the onboarding customer experience. It helps you to keep track of all onboarding projects that are currently active. You can modify the URL, logo, and theme to create a seamless experience between your portal and you

Customer onboarding software and solutions can help in creating an effective onboarding strategy, which can lead to increased adoption rates and a better user experience. These specialized tools can assist you in delivering a full customer experiencNo matter how much you've invested in your program, you'll rarely get it perfect the first time, and personalizing it is no exception. Investigate user behavior further with high-quality feedback tools that give customers a voice and allow them to tell you how to enhance your adaptation in their own words.

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